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Worst First Date Ever - Guy Accidentally Buries Date Alive After She Goes Into Diabetic Shock And He Assumes She Was Dead




(Source) There are bad first dates, then there are tragic ones. A French woman died after being buried alive by her panicky would-be boyfriend when she lost consciousness during their date. Mina El Houari, a diabetic, apparently collapsed during her first meeting with an internet lover, who she had been talking to on Facebook for several months. Thinking the 25-year-old had died, the unnamed date decided to bury her in his back garden.

But in his rush to dispose of the body, he did not realize he was actually burying her alive. El Houari was from Cadenet, south-east France, but had travelled to the North African country looking for love. She had booked herself into a five-star hotel in Fez, the country’s third largest city, before heading out on her disastrous date, reports La Provence newspaper. It was when she failed to contact her relatives back home that the police got involved. Officers found muddy trousers and a shovel at the suspect’s home. He has now been taken into custody and has confessed, according The Local.



So that’s the worst first date of all time right? Burying your date alive and killing her because you thought she had already died but was merely just in a diabetic shock? Whoops! My question though is this the dumbest guy in the world? Hey man, ever heard of checking for a pulse? Do you just assume every person with their eyes closed is dead? Like does this guy see people sleeping in the park and get the urge to bury them because haven’t moved in 5 minutes. Come on man, you just got a chick to travel from France to Africa for a date (probably the craziest part of this whole story) and you can’t even put your finger on her neck? Have to be better than that. Dating 101, don’t bury your date until you’re 100% sure they’re actually dead.




Diabetic shock  definitely means that this chick wasn’t eating all day so she could look as hot as possible and I respect the hell out of that.