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$15 To Assemble The Rooting Interests For The World's Worst Fan

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So these have been hot on the internet the past couple of weeks. Most are pretty good but for my money this is the best one. Instead of picking the greatest band or NBA team you’re picking the single worst person alive. So much more fun. Let’s roll.



Dallas – $2

Total value play. I don’t know about everyone else but the Redskins and Raiders aren’t even on my radar for being hate-able. Both those franchises are pathetic and sad. If your team sucks every single year I can’t really hate you. Dallas on the other hand is the perfect medium where they’re perfectly average but still think they’re the best/most relevant franchise in the NFL. When was the last time the Cowboys won anything? The 90’s? Yet they still say they’re America’s team? Get the fuck out of here. Dallas fans can fuck off.


Lakers – $4

Too Easy.

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Cardinals- $4

If you refer to your own fan base as the “best” fanbase or “classiest” well then you need to be on this list. And if you don’t understand why, well then you probably root for a team that doesn’t play the game the “right” way. It’s about tradition and respect guys, Cardinals fans are literally the only people in the world who can comprehend this.




Duke – $4

The student body, the team always being good with guys who are just so god damn hate-able, Coach K, floor slapping, all of it. Ugly nerds who think they’re better than the world rooting for a team that everyone despises. That’s Duke Basketball.




Texas – $1


I actually don’t hate Texas football, I just ran out of money with my hate but fuck it, Texas works too. They’ve won 1 title in the last decade and still think they’re a premier program. Oh and remember that time Mack Brown passed on RGIII, Johnny Football and Jameis Winston? What an Idiot.




So there it is, I’m boiling with rage just thinking about it. A Duke, Cardinals, Lakers, Cowboys fan. Jesus that’s awful.


h/t celebrityhottub