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You Think Drew Bledsoe Knows Who Terry Rozier Is Yet?

Eric Bledsoe came into this series a respected man. A guy with some clout around the League. A man many people considered to be good at sports. And then he made the fatal mistake of talking crooked about Terry Rozier, a move I can’t imagine anyone will repeat moving forward. Sure, Bledsoe had a decent game tonight, and yet he was still vastly outplayed by Scary Terry who dropped 26 and 9 on his head including a whole heap of dagger threes to keep the Celtics lead safe late in the fourth. So congrats to Terry for being the proud new owner of Eric Bledsoe’s soul.

And congrats to you, loyal reader, for potentially being the proud new owner of this OFFICIAL LIMITED EDITION SCARY TERRY x DREW BLEDSOE x BARSTOOL SPORTS collab. Always remember this as the most intense first round series you’ve seen since the Celtics-Bulls bout of yesteryear.


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