Jay Cutler Retires Again, Maybe, Everyone Thinks.

Tennesee Titans v Chicago Bears

(SourceJay Cutler appears to have realized what the rest of the NFL just kind of assumed — he’s retired again. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Cutler is expected to retire again soon, after his one year coming out of the bullpen for the Dolphins.

Cutler hasn’t drawn interest from another team as a free agent, but could appear in a reality show with his wife (hopefully while wearing pants). There has also been some talk of FOX having interest in him as a game analyst, and Cutler has proven to be interesting enough when he feels like talking to think it’s a worthwhile experiment. Cutler turns 35 this weekend, and if he’s finished, he’s walking away with a 74-79 record as a starter with the Broncos, Bears, and Dolphins and has thrown for 35,133 yards.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. I guess it’s not officially official because there is still room for a team to swoop in and offer him 10 million dollars again but everything sounds like it may be over. The end of an era, Sundays will never be the same. I enjoyed the hell out of this last year, being able to root for Cutty with no strings attached and honestly, he was actually pretty damn good when healthy.  I’ll die on the hill that if you put the right line, receivers, running back, and defense around him, he could really do the damn thing. Now go off into the night Jay, we love you now and forever.