Fedora Gabe Has A 3B Problem

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The 15-9 Philadelphia Phillies have wild card potential this season. It’s just so obvious, that it’s time we consider that a real possibility. However, this team is filled with holes. Left Handed starting position is something that needs to be addressed very soon. Strikeouts, poor defense, and baserunning mistakes are common traits of a young team, something the Phillies will have to deal with for the immediate future. But right now I see the third base position as the biggest issue. Cumulatively 3B has a .670 OPS, 24.4 K% and a 6.9 BB%. Doesn’t matter where they rank in the league, these stats STINK!

Before the season began, we signed Scott Kingery with the belief that he will be a main factor for this team for years to come. His role was established early by Gabe. He is to play all over the diamond as a glorified utility player. Problem with this strategy is it never, ever works.

His .655 OPS is rough, but it’s the 26 k’s that have me bothered. To me that says I am just not comfortable on the ball field right now. Adjusting to MLB life is tough as a 23yr old rookie, but having to play a different position every day (He’s already played 6 over 22 games) is unnecessary.

The Phillies have a lot of talent and Gabe working Kingery in the lineup everyday should give him that extra boost of confidence. But he needs a position and 3B is the only one available in my eyes.

I hate to say Maikel is dead weight, but it has just seemed that way for years now. Most, if not all teams have a Maikel type on their squad. Phillies just need to be proactive and understand this is who he is and change will be hard to come by. Maikel has never been seriously benched in his career. Maybe a few weeks riding pine, while the kid Kingery takes the reigns will be good for Maikel. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.

Series vs. the Braves this weekend. Ronald Acuna is a bum. Go Phils.