The Eliminator: Avengers Characters


Pick which Avenger you would eliminate

So the story of the day outside of Saquonmania gripping the NFL by the fucking throat is that Avengers: Infinity War is out. Robbie already waxed poetic about it while doing a really good job of hiding his nerd boner and I imagine many Stoolies will be heading to the theater to check it out before shitty people on the internet spoil it for them. This Avengers movie is especially spoilerly since there are likely to be major deaths in the Marvel Universe. So what better time to pick which of the four “main” Avengers you want eliminated. Hawkeye and Black Widow didn’t make the cut because lets be honest, they stink stank stunk since the first Avengers.

Anyway, we have Iron Man, who is the mouthpiece of The Avengers, the soul of the squad in Captain America, the seldom used home run hitter that drops bombs the limited time he is on the screen in The Hulk, and Thor who is pretty well-rounded in terms of comedic value and badass super hero shit. Oh yeah and he is easily the sexiest Avenger of all, no offense ScarJo.

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