Game 7 It Is


Alright, this is it. Game 7 at home for the right to advance to the second round. The trend of the home team winning every game continued, and let’s hope that trend lasts one more. If anything this was very on brand for the Celtics. We know they refuse to make things easy on themselves, but I have to admit this was a disappointing loss. But at the end of the day 86 points in a playoff game on the road is not nearly enough. Offensively this team settled for panic threes, shot the ball overall like shit, and did everything you can’t do in this building. They fed into MIL’s transition game, put up no resistance, and the crowd got into it. They couldn’t defend without fouling in the second half, and as has been a problem for them, scoring under 20 points in a quarter didn’t work out.

We now are forced to sweat it out one last time in a toss up Game 7. Celtics have played awesome at home, but will be facing a unicorn in Giannis. One guy can absolutely win a Game 7 by himself, just see Kelly Olynyk. If the Celtics come out and play with this type of energy and offensive approach that they showed tonight, it will be a disaster. The playoffs is all about stepping on your opponent’s throat and not messing around in closeout games. That’s how you find yourself getting knocked out, and any momentum the Celts had after Game 5 has now once again swung to MIL. I’m sure they feel great knowing they have the best overall player in the series. It’s going to be an absolute war. Hopefully the Bruins left some of that Game 7 magic on the floor.

More tomorrow, tonight and for the next two nights we do nothing but freak the fuck out.

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