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Pregnant Chick Gets Kicked Out Of A Gym For Being Pregnant And Having Her Belly Hanging Out

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — A woman working out at the West Ashley Planet Fitness says she was asked to leave mid-workout Monday night because her “belly was hanging out.” The customer, Melissa Mantor, is also 18 weeks pregnant. Mantor said she was working out at the Sam Rittenberg location when an employee approached her and told her she had to leave. “I was on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before I was approached by a girl who came up to me telling me that she is going to have to ask me to leave,” Mantor said. “I was very confused by this and thought I may have heard her wrong. She told me again that I am not able to continue my workout until I change my clothes because I am in violation of their dress code.” The Planet Fitness Corporate Dress Code does not mention exposed midriffs but does ban “string tank tops” which Mantor was wearing at the time. “I was very confused. She continued telling that my belly was hanging out and I need to get it covered up,” Mantor explained. “I told her at that time ‘Of course my belly is hanging out, I am pregnant.’ She handed me a very large t-shirt while telling me that what I was wearing was inappropriate and in violation of their dress code.”

I have very few iron clad rules in life.  But one of them is that pregnant chicks are disgusting.  They’re huge, they’re irritable and they have a tendency to rip off people’s heads without warning.  And they can’t drink so they’re a real buzz kill at parties.  Thinking pregnant chicks are disgusting isn’t really a rule I guess.  More like an opinion.  Either way, pregnant chicks are disgusting pretty much across the board.  I think after a certain point in their pregnancy they should have to stay inside until they give birth.  Cruel, you say?  Hardly.  It would work out better for all of us.  The pregnant lady gets to stay off her feet during this important time and have everything brought to her like a queen (every woman’s dream).  And on the flip side, none of us have to see her disgusting ass walking around in public.  Win-win.  But I’m also not saying there can’t be exceptions.  These things can and should be handled on a case by case basis.  For example, take this pregnant lady who got kicked out of the gym for having her pregnant belly hanging out.  Normally I’d be okay with a pregnant chink getting kicked out of a gym for being pregnant.  One important thing is different in this case, the chick is smoking hot.  We’re not even talking pregnant hot (ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing).  This chick is just flat out hot.  She should be able to work out wherever she damn well pleases.  Of all places a gym should know that.  Hot girls in a gym equals more people working out in said gym which equals more money.  It’s science really.

PS- If some girls are saying “That’s not fair. Good looking women shouldn’t get preferential treatment” they need to wake up and smell the real world.  Good looking women always have and always will get preferential treatment.  You know how the old saying goes that I just made up: I don’t make the rules, I just know what they are.