Friday's Top Ten Time Wasters - Outrageous Kanye West Moments

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Welcome back to Friday’s Top Ten Time Wasters. There’s been a lot of Kanye talk this week so let’s take a look back at some of his most outrageous moments. I tried to limit the list to interviews but some of the clips were too good not to include. I also threw in Snoop Dogg’s reaction to one of the clips at number nine. Enjoy.

10.  Kanye’s twenty-minutes rant explaining why he hates Jay Z and Beyonce.

9. *Snoop Dogg’s reaction to the rant.*

8. Kanye trying to explain his Tweets to Ellen. 

7. “I’m the biggest rock star on the planet.”

6. When Kanye got caught smiling. 

5. Any time Kanye has ever come in contact in paparazzi. 


4. Kanye says he’s Andy Warhol.

3. Kanye says he’s Jesus. 

2. “Imma let you finish.”

1. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”