A Company In Japan Has Built A Transformer That Can Change From A Sports Car Into A Robot

After years of being disappointed that we didn’t have the flying cars and hoverboards that we were promised to us in 2015 by Back To The Future II, the good folks at J-deite came out and picked up all of the inventors around the world that have been lollygagging and spending every waking hour building sex robots and flamethrowers that have not been shipped yet by making a real deal Transformer. Sure once this robot joins the rest of his brothers in the Rise of the Machines, humanity will be completely fucked. But that’s the next generation’s problem. Most of us will probably be in old folks homes praying for death’s cold embrace by the time AI is able to completely weaponize and unite against its primate overlords. Until that day comes, we will likely get to see all of the robots from our youth brought to life. Optimus Prime. Voltron. Whatever the name of the robot from the Power Rangers was.

I am so over hearing about how many nukes we have or the Russians have. Talking nukes is like talking cocaine. That shit was hot in the 80s but it’s old hat now. If broke ass countries like North Korea can build a nuke, then anybody can build a nuke. If you really want to flex on the rest of the world, Transformers and robots are where it’s at. Future leader of the free world Jeff Bezos knew that and likely has an entire robot army ready to go at a moment’s notice. If Donald Trump truly wants to Make America Great Again, then he will embrace this Transformers revolution and weaponize the fuck outta them before Putin has a chance to do so.

Now stunt on the haters that said Transformers would never be possible in the real world.

When she hits you with the “U up” text at 3 am.

Oooooooh kill’em!

Just a little PG sex joke for the kids

P.S. These guys will not get the credit they deserve for going inside this transforming robot in Beta stage and potentially getting crushed like a soda can in a recycling machine.