From One Journalist to Another, Grading Dave’s Performance in the Bruins Locker Room

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So as everyone saw, Dave broke into the world of journalism last night and was a reporter for Game 7 of the Bruins-Toronto game. The Bruins won 7-4 and Dave was in the locker room postgame to capture reactions and get quotes like a true journo.

Now while this may have been Dave’s debut into the world of postgame locker room scrums, he’s not the first capital J Journalist in Team Portnoy. Through Fordham’s radio station WFUV, I’ve been journalisting my balls off for a few years. From the Staten Island Yankees, to the New Jersey Devils, to the New York Giants, to the New York Knicks, to the New York Yankees, to the New York Rangers. I’ve been on the beat for them all (not to brag). So as someone who’s been in the locker room before, I decided it was my job to grade Dave’s performance last night. But first, here are some pictures of me being a journalist that I don’t really have a reason for showing but I just want to.



Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on to Dave.

When I saw this video is when I first knew Dave was a natural. It’s pretty clear that Dave intended to ask a question early on in the video. First off, that’s probably why he started recording when did. And second, you can hear him start to say something about a second in. But the reporter who had just asked a question was following up, and Dave gave way to him. Folks, you can’t teach that type of instinct. It’s common courtesy that the reporter who just asked a question has a chance to follow up if he wants. Not for a 100 questions, but one more is fine. Dave realized that and waited. A+

Also a phenomenal question. Pucks on net is one of the keys to hockey, along with skating and cycling the puck. Credit to Dave for asking the question that mattered. Also a hat tip for starting the question with “Torey…”. A great way to get his attention and establish a human connection.

Unbelievable. You can not teach that type of follow up speed that Dave exhibits about 14 seconds in. Brad had barely finished answering his question and Dave was right there with a follow up. He didn’t jump on his answer. He didn’t cut him off. But he also didn’t leave a nanosecond for another reporter to jump in and steal his follow up. Absolutely incredible.

Christ Almighty, this guy is good. Another great pucks on net question and he even got Tuukka to crack a smile about 10 seconds in. Getting a player to smile/chuckle can be real tough. Dave did it on his first night. And the “Great job, congrats” at the end? That’s called establishing a relationship.

Also great scrum placement. Locker rooms can be an absolute madhouse, especially after a Game 7. To get that close and up front with the winning goalie is outstanding.


OK, so this wasn’t great, I’ll admit. He went up to Danton and asked him about the go-ahead goal, thinking he was Jake DeBrusk. Happens to the best of us, though. I’ll be honest, when I did the Devils games I had absolutely no idea who was who. They don’t always stand at their locker and they all look relatively similar. I used to have to take photographs with my mind and then go look at the roster and figure out who was who. I probably attributed some wrong quotes to players.

Now, Dave probably should have realized that there would have been a bigger scrum around the guy who had the game-winning goal, and he wouldn’t have just had an unimpeded route to him with what seems like nobody around him. But this was his first time. You can’t be too hard on him.

Overall, I’m giving my boss (and friend) Dave an A+ for the performance.t. 1-100? I’d give him a 99. Like pizza reviews, you have to leave room to go up, but this was about as flawless a performance as you can have on your first time in the locker room. He’s a natural.

Score another one for Team Portnoy.