Have You Ever Been So Mad While Driving That You Threw A Bottle Of Milk At Someone Else's Car?

Like most short videos that we see in 2018, I don’t know who was at fault here since we were dropped smack dab in the middle of this tiff. But I do know that road rage is a motherfucker and could just as likely be caused by one or both drivers having bad days as one or both of them driving like assholes. You have to admit that this dude throwing the bottle of milk was the absolute trump card in this little squabble. We had engines revving and C-bombs being dropped. This entire scene was coming to a head and if this guy didn’t weaponize his bottle of milk, he was driving away with the L while a couple of girls chuckled at him.

Now I’d like to say that turning that bottle of milk into a red shell got this guy a convincing win. But I can’t. First of all, you want that bottle to explode when it hits your opponents car. You want that car looking like Peter North just went to town on it to the point that the wipers go on. Instead, he MAY have put a slight dent in this girl’s car. However, the real reason he doesn’t get a unanimous win is because now he has to shlep back to the store and buy another bottle of milk. That’s probably the entire reason the guy left the house. He was sitting in his living room, ready to hammer down a big bowl of Reese’s Puffs (the GOAT cereal fwiw) while catching up on all the Barstool blogs he missed before realizing he was out of milk. This fella left the house, got his milk, and was a block from home before road rage and two girls got the best of him. Now he has to turn around, go back to the grocery store, and walk allllll the way back to the back of the store because grocery stores notoriously put the milk as far back as possible because they know everyone needs to get their weekly milk and us lemmings will pick up other things to buy along the way. As a large human that hates walking and loves buying Now this guy is going to end up with a bottle of milk, a box of Zebra Cakes, and some delicious Totino’s Pizza Rolls #VivaLaTotinos.

Actually maybe this guy is the clear winner after all. Because if you get into a road rage quarrel with someone and walk away with some delicious snacks and your opponent looking like this, you sure as shit didn’t lose.