A Quiet Place Is Getting A Sequel.

Variety - Paramount Pictures is already working on a sequel to “A Quiet Place,” the studio’s chairman-CEO Jim Gianopulos said at CinemaCon on Wednesday.

“We’re thrilled to say that we’re already working on the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place,’” the executive told the room of exhibitors.

Gianopulos did not provide any further details, including if director and star John Krasinski will be returning.

It marks the first major success for Gianopulos after he took the job at Paramount last year. He was previously head of 20th Century Fox’s movie studio.

You heard it here first folks – I declared A Quiet Place the best movie of 2018.  Granted it was March but technically as of now it’s still true.  Just a master class in movie making.   The whole popcorn and snacks thing was slightly problematic but it’s worth it for the experience of just sitting in dead silence on the edge of your seat for 2 hours or however long it was.  And that’s not just my opinion.

“A Quiet Place” scored the second-biggest domestic debut of 2018 so far when it launched earlier this month with $50 million. The horror-thriller generated some serious buzz after it premiered at South by Southwest, and boasts a sterling 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s managed to show staying power at the box office as well. After being dethroned for a week by “Rampage,” “A Quiet Place” returned to the No. 1 spot in its third frame this past weekend. It has grossed $213 million worldwide so far, with $134 million of that coming from the U.S.

Obviously there are a couple of caveats here.  One, Krasinski has to write and direct it.  Two, he and Emily Blunt have to both star in it*.   No Krasinski, no Blunt, no see.  Also sequels are very hit or miss – often miss. But considering how original and fresh the whole idea was for the movie, and (spoiler) considering the cliffhangerish type ending, there’s no doubt they could run it back for another awesome movie.

Fingers crossed that Jim and Bae get it done.

*This was the best attempt anyone has ever made on the internet to not give away a spoiler.