NYC Bar Johnny Utah's Takes An Absolute Dump On Glenny Balls For His Burger Review

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 10.28.36 AM

I didn’t catch this Burger Review the first time around, but after seeing Johnny Utah’s pull their pants down and take a dump on Glenny Balls’ chest I just had to go back.

Absolutely classic Glenny Balls.

“Considering we are in a basement, it makes sense that their are no windows….”

“We’re sorry you don’t like pulled pork but we do have other burger options available which begs the question why did you order pulled pork…”

“No the fries are not from McDonald’s and they’re not Five Guys fries…”

“…also that’s not Old Bay.”

“Did you notice that big ass fucking mechanical bull in the middle of the bar which is like the main feature considering it’s the only one in New York…”

“Who the fuckkkkkkkk doesn’t know who Wyatt Earp is??!?!”

Fucking Glenny Balls.  Never change buddy.

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The “we have an elevator in case you can’t handle the stairs” comment was a low blow.  Fuck you Johnny.