Wake Up With Soundgarden - Live To Rise

Today’s the day, folks! ‘Infinity War’ comes out TONIGHT after years and years and years of build-up. I can’t wait. This song from 2012 was one of Soundgarden’s first after reuniting, and it kicked of the original ‘Avengers’ soundtrack, which is still to this day my one of my favorite movie soundtracks ever and regularly working its way into my rotation. Check out the full record today if you want a little extra hype for the flick!

P.S. Since the premiere was on Monday and all social media/review embargos have been lifted since, be VERY careful surfing the web if you don’t want this movie spoiled. I’m completely off social media till I see it (Zero Dark Thirty-23 initiated), and I’d highly suggest you do the same. Most important of all, don’t look at the comments for ANYTHING, not even a random cooking video you scroll past on Facebook. People are always out to ruin the fun for others when it comes to this kinda stuff, so nowhere is safe.