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Update On Fran McCaffery's Son: All Good News

fran son

NEWTON — Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery’s 14-year-old son, Patrick, received a much-needed boost after a second surgery last week to remove cancerous tissue near his thyroid.

On Tuesday, a pathology report showed no additional cancer.

“That was good news,” Coach McCaffery said.

Patrick McCaffery had his first surgery the day of Iowa’s NCAA tournament game on March 21 at Dayton, Ohio. Coach McCaffery traveled back to Iowa City the night before the surgery and then back to Dayton after Patrick’s surgery. Patrick had a second surgery on April 17.

Coach McCaffery said a scan will take place in a few weeks to determine if doctors had eliminated the thyroid cancer. That will determine whether or not Patrick needs radioactive iodine to treat it. Patrick McCaffery might get the opportunity to rejoin his AAU basketball team, the Iowa Barnstormers, as early as next week.

Just a quick update on Patrick McCafferry, son of Iowa head basketball coach Fran.  Last news we got was that it was discovered he had thyroid cancer and would need a second surgery to remove other cancerous tissues.  It all happened right around the NCAA tourney and Fran was jet setting back and forth so he could be with his son and try to coach a basketball team at the same time.  Horrible stuff.  The latest news is a lot better.  The second surgery successfully removed the cancerous tissue and a pathology showed no additional cancer.  Obviously great great great news.  A big sigh of relief for the McCafferry family and Hawkeye Nation.  Everybody was hoping for that result and fortunately it happened.  It sounds like he’ll have to undergo a few more scans to make sure it’s gone completely but as of right now the news is really good.  It’s really cool that Pat might be able to join his AAU basketball team next week.  At least get his life back to normal a little bit.