Girls Wishing Each Other Happy Birthday On Instagram Is The Biggest Fraud Thing Going


I just had to address this. I’m not saying this is a new phenomenon but I do feel like I’m noticing it more and more on Instagram. Girls wishing their friends happy birthday on Instagram by putting together a collage of a million pictures of the two of them together.  It’s like these girls think the rest of the world is stupid. Listen honey we know you don’t care that much about your friends birthday. It’s just an excuse to suck your own clit and post the best pictures of yourself under the guise of wishing your friend a happy birthday. Half the time the friend looks like garbage while the girl posting looks perfect in every one. It’s the biggest scam going and I just want to make it very clear that everybody knows what you are doing.  You aren’t doing this to be nice.  It’s an excuse for everybody to look at you.