JuJu Smith-Schuster's Dog Pulled An Incredibly Acrobatic Move To Get Out Of His Cage


First things first though. I’m gonna be pissed if that’s an ad for Starburst or Gatorade or home security or something else. If it comes out that it’s an ad, I’m gonna send a strongly worded tweet to Starburst on Twitter.com. I’m gonna be mad. Not mad enough to stop eating Starburst forever but still pretty mad. I hate that we live in a world where something cool happens and my first thought is, “Wait is this a commercial? Am I being tricked into eating delicious fruity candy by a cool dog video?” but that’s where we are. I’m pretty sure it’s not a commercial but that makes me think it’s a commercial.

Anyway. If it’s not an ad, WHAT A MOVE FROM THAT PUP. Hops like Vince Carter. Boujee on his Andy Dufresne shit. The fact that Boujee planned it out so he’d be able to hang up there and then lean his way out is nothing short of genius. He should’ve eaten the Starburst. He earned them. Meek Mill and Boujee escaped prison on the same day. Incredible. What a day.

Boujee as soon as he made it out

There’s also a Mission Impossible version