Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson Can't Be Trusted With Any Secret Information Because He Tells The Media Everything He Knows

I’ve said it a billion times but I love the Cleveland Browns. This is the perfect storyline right before the draft. Hue Jackson has won 1 time in his 32 games with the Browns. Almost every football brain out there cannot understand how he still has a job with that record. And now to top it all off, Hue Jackson basically texts members of the media whenever he finds out information because he can’t hold it in. He’s like Michael Scott when he’s trying to negotiate with Dunder Mifflin and the only thing he can’t tell them is that the Michael Scott Paper Company is broke. He literally has to bend over in agony because he wants to tell the secret so bad. Hue Jackson is Michael Scott reincarnated.

It’s like he has zero friends and leaks every rumor coming out of camp just so he can have someone to talk to. Anything you’ve been hearing about the Browns over the past few days, whether it’s that Baker Mayfield is sneaking up their board or they’re out on Josh Allen is 100% coming from Hue Jackson. There is zero real information leaking from John Dorsey’s camp in Cleveland and he won’t let the incompetent Hue Jackson mess this up. I wouldn’t be shocked if Hue finds out who’s going number one overall when Goodell announces it at the podium. I’m just picturing the Browns war room meetings as Hue looks on outside the glass.

I can’t wait for Thursday when they pan to Hue and he looks clueless.