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No GIF Has Ever Made Me Cringe As Hard As This GIF


You know those gifs where it looks like something horrible is gonna happen, but at the last second, it doesn’t? Like…this:

Or this:

The above GIF was basically those GIFs except without a happy ending. In fact, I’d argue that it got worse as it went along. When homeboy realized Bayley was leaning in to hug, uh, ya know, the 12 year old girl DRESSED AS BAYLEY in the front row and not him, but tried to make it a group hug anyway so it didn’t look like he was left hanging…

Yikes. Take your Corey Taylor haircut and get the fuck outta here, hover hands.

I bet this dude is the kind of guy to pay an astronomical amount of money to meet a WWE women’s wrestler at Comic Con, and then request she does the prom pose with him so he could let her know who his favorite magician is…

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.27.48 AM

…David Cop-A-Feel. Shoutout H.W.