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Lets Check In And See How Joakim Noah Is Doing

Jah bless the Earth indeed, Joakim! And while you are at it, Jah Bless James Dolan’s checkbook, Jah bless the Knicks INCOMPETENCE (said in Frank The Tank’s voice), and Jah bless Joakim’s hippie connection with the Zen Master that helped pay for this trip to Jah knows where. If Joakim looked like this in Penn Station at 3 AM, he would be escorted out by New York’s Finest and brought to the nearest homeless shelter. Instead he is living his best life halfway through a 4 year, $72 million contract that was ridiculed by the internet before it was even signed. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. Mailtime Hall of Fame stuff.

If David Stern was still in charge of the NBA, he would have some shady lawyer write a clause into Joakim’s already signed contract in the finest of print saying that the Knicks could void the contract if he failed a random drug test, which would obviously happen today. Instead Adam Silver probably Liked Joakim’s IG post while Knicks fans get to watch their highest paid player thank Jah for all that is great in this shitty world.

On the bright side, this is only the 2nd worst debacle involving the Knicks overpaying an injury prone ex-Bulls center. So I guess Jah bless that, right?

Fuck this franchise.