Rhys Hoskins Hitting A Bomb Then Running A Play Action Pass With The First Base Coach Is A Game Changer

On Saturday, Rhys Hoskins does what Rhys Hoskins does. Down 2-0 in the 6th with 2 men on with an 0-2 count, Rhys Hoskins worked the count a bit, fouled off a few pitches, and then sent a baseball to Neptune. Just another day in the life of the Phillies budding superstar slugger. However, Rhys did something interesting while rounding first during his go ahead dinger:

THE RHYS PHILLY SPECIAL NO YOU DIDN’T!!! Awesome stuff. First off, Rhys Hoskins is allowed to piss wherever he pleases. The man is batting .323 with 4 dingers and 19 RBIS so far this season with a RIDICULOUS 1.098 OPS. If he wants to catch an actual football rounding first, go full Albert Belle and disintegrate someone, then teabag homeplate in lieu of stepping on it, he is not only allowed. He’s encouraged. Playing a little imaginary pitch and catch with the first base coach is fine and dandy.

This was a fun, sly way to celebrate around the basepaths without drawing too much attention or disrespecting the pitcher. However, I think Rhys may have just unknowingly opened up Pandora’s Box. Have you ever seen something like this done before? I can’t ever remember a premature planned celebration between a third base coach and a hitter, let alone rounding first. There’s gonna be a lot of old baseball men yelling at all the clouds when some young buck stops to teach the first base coach how to Dougie and then watch them whip and/or Nae Nae, or whatever these young whippersnappers are into these days. And I don’t necessarily hate it. I think stuff like this is engaging and good for the game. But it will happen, and people will think it’s WWIII.

Other than that, love me some football on the diamond. The Philly Special was first brought back to the Bank via Trey Burton’s first pitch:

Also TBM to Dougie P’s strike at the Phillies home opener. The most perfect snipe fire of a K on a first pitch this side of George W. at Yankee Stadium.

We got more on the Phils after their 4 game clean sweep of the Pirates a little later. Right the damn thing. RING IT.