Game 4 Recap – Wizards Win!

Talk your shit John Wall! Talk your shit!

Well that was a mighty fun game. Love game 4’s. Love them. And I love when Bradley Beal goes off. It’s like he remembers “oh yeah, I’m fucking awesome at basketball” and then goes off. Dropped in 31 tonight with 5 3’s. And John Wall did normal John Wall things, a casual 27-14-9. Ho hum.

Didn’t even matter that Beal fouled out late in the 4th quarter….on this call….

Not great!

Hey, no time for an autograph right now, Dave!

But it was tied 92-92 when he fouled out and the Wizards then went on a 14-6 run to close out the game. Kelly Oubre SZN in full effect! Going back to Toronto for 5 game on Wednesday. Here’s something fun to end the Sunday night blog with- if Caps don’t close it out tomorrow, on Wedneday we will have Caps game 7, Wizards game 5, and Scherzer on the mound on the same day! DC Sports!