Bucks Win*

*I know Greenie will be blogging this soon, but he is more gentle than I am.  I just wanted to say something loud and clear.  The Celtics got screwed plain and simple.  I mean to battle all the way back from 20 down to have this happen to you?  Makes me want to puke.  Listen usually I’m one of those guys that says you can’t blame a game on 1 call, but in this case you can.  Jalen Brown got absolutely mugged on the break here.  I have absolutely no idea how this wasn’t called a foul?  It was obvious in real time.  It was obvious on the replay.  It was maybe the most blatant foul of the entire season.   The Celtics were up 1 with 40 seconds when this play occurred.  And not only did we not get the points, but it led to an immediate transition 3 the other way.   Disgusting all the way around.   The NBA should be ashamed of themselves.