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The Official "Scary Terry" Rozier Playoff Shirts Are Here And They're Spectacular

If you follow me on Twitter (most of you don’t, it’s honestly pretty rude) you know I like to switch up my display names from time to time. Just having some fun on the web with my pals. Last season, after watching Rick & Morty, I decided to take Scary Terry, photoshop his face on to Terry Rozier’s body, and in turn dubbed him Scary Terry Rozier. It had little to no fanfare at the time, but I’m a relentless human being when I want to be. So I brought it back this season to a much larger reception.

The rest of weird Celtics twitter wasn’t as receptive, as a myriad of nicknames were thrown out Terry, even to the point where Austin Ainge was commenting on it. So we brought him into the office in November for a guest spot on Mickstape and we got to the bottom of it.

Khum has been his nickname forever. That’s for him and his pals. It felt a little too personal for me, so I let him in on Scary Terry and to say he loved it was an understatement.

He loved it so much he started going by it, the home broadcast started running with it, and now during this playoff run TNT and ABC are calling him it almost exclusively. He sold a couple hoodies during the regular season and sent me one. It was cool as hell. But for the playoffs, Terry wanted something new. He wanted to get in with Barstool and collab on a limited shirt for these playoffs and these playoffs only. And considering the torture chamber he’s locked Eric “Drew” Bledsoe in throughout these first two games, what better time to drop them than when we’re inside Bledsoe’s own house?

Get your official Barstool x Scary Terry Rozier shirts now while they’re still on the shelves.