Keith Hernandez Has Gone Full Cat-Lady And I Am Here For It

keith hernandez

To many, calling someone a ‘cat-lady’ is an insult. It infers you’re lonely & cling to your feline friends because human interaction ain’t comin’ down the pipe for ya. But to me, it’s a compliment. I love dogs but grew up with cats & am a ‘cat-lady’ through & through. ::Looks over at kitchen table where I’ve been water-coloring doodles of local birds in the apartment where I live very much alone::. Yep!

Sadly though, my apartment doesn’t allow pets so I’ve been looking for a fellow ‘cat-lady’ to live through vicariously. And last night on Twitter I found that in my new kindred spirit, former MLB 5x All-Star & 2x World Series Champ Keith Hernandez.

He encompasses the very essence of Divorced Older Dad (which he is) meets Cat-Lady in a way I can’t help but genuinely like. Just today he posted one of Hadji (cat) coming down the ladder of his custom built cat-ledge above the kitchen (Keith Cat Bar?), which is decorated with smaller versions of Hadji. Hernandez’s sing-song voice is reminiscent of Robert De Niro in Meet The Parents with his beloved ‘Jinxie’. Suddenly Keith is distracted by a “macabre painting, German”, but don’t worry, right back to Hadji.

Moving on, the initial video that caught my eye was Hernandez taking Hadji out to get the mail on his shoulder. He records the whole endeavor, pointing out the blooming Forsythia bushes after noting that he “looks like a trainwreck”.

It kind of reminds me of my Dad and the voicemails he used to leave:

::BEEP:: “Hey Kate, it’s Dad. It’s about 6am and I’m awake downstairs. Mom’s still asleep. Got the Christmas tree lights on, tree looks great this year. Just having a cup of coffee at the table. Guess it’s pretty early out where you are. Looks like a cold one out there today. Anyways, alright, talk to you later!” ::BEEEP::

No real message to deliver, just a quick suburban play-by-play of nothing in particular.

In the video above, he’s laying in bed in the morning. Just a Cat-lady-man and his cat and something about it made my heart hurt. But Keith seems like a pretty content fellow. And after reading a revealing interview in Sports Illustrated, he’s got much more going on than baseball & Fancy Feast. His book is set to come out next month and if Hadji’s in there, I’m buying.