Indian Dude Missing For 40 Years Reunited With His Family After A Video Of Him Singing On YouTube Goes Viral

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Source –    MUMBAI — An Indian man missing for 40 years was to be reunited with his family on Thursday after a YouTube video of him singing a popular Hindi film song went viral. Khomdram Gambhir Singh was 26 when in 1978 he left his home in Imphal, in the remote northeastern state of Manipur, and never returned, according to reports.

For four decades his family heard nothing. Then a clip showing a grey-bearded man singing a Bollywood song on a Mumbai street 2,000 miles away appeared online.

In it the singer identifies himself as Khomdram Singh of Manipur. A viewer brought the video to the attention of a local association in Imphal who informed Gambhir’s family.

They recognised him as their missing relative and contacted Imphal police who spoke to their counterparts in Mumbai. Officers then tracked Gambhir down to the suburb of Bandra where he was living rough.

On Wednesday Imphal officers flew to Mumbai to take Gambhir back to his family. They departed Mumbai on Thursday and were due to arrive in Imphal in the afternoon.

“This story is a ray of hope. If a video can change a man’s life there can be no bigger miracle than this,” said Shakir.

Usually when I blog about India it’s about genetic mutations or urban animal attacks so this is a nice change of pace. And a feel-good story if you take away the fact that Singh only went missing because he loved corn alcohol.

I can’t imagine the amount of shock of his family must’ve felt when they saw him on YouTube of all places. How did they even know it was him? I had my high school reunion over Christmas break and I couldn’t recognize half the people there. This guy went missing during the Carter administration and it took his family a twenty-second cell phone video to positively ID him. Chances are he wasn’t far from home either. You can move a mile away in rural India and start a whole new life. At least you used to be able to until the internet came around.

That said, the singing voice could use some work. I was hoping for Mac and Cheese and got nails on a chalk board. I’m not trying to ruin his moment, I’m just saying that he sounds like the drunk guy who sings Circle Of Life on my downtown one train every morning. The key is off, his pitch is terrible, the whole thing is a disaster. I think the person filming him may have been trolling him because Singh can’t sing, which is ironic considering his name is pronounced ‘Sing.’ Credit where credit is due, at least he’s doing what he loves (?).

Hopefully, Singh will be able to live out his golden years in peace now that his family found him. It would be a real shame if they kicked him out over his voice. Real shame. Best of luck to the both of them and congrats on finding each other.