New Job Goofin' And Beefin' With The Air Force Reserves

Ah, nothing like a fresh episode of Zero Blog Thirty in the morning.

This was an especially fun episode for me because I’ve been with ZBT since the Fall & got to announce I’ve been brought on full-time with Barstool this week. With this new income I’ve quickly reverted to my old Lance Corporal ways & am in talks to buy a neon yellow Mustang at 54% interest from a shady place that spells it ‘karz’ instead of ‘cars’.

We recorded this ep a bit earlier in the week than normal because @CaptainCons was off to San Fran/wine country. Reminded me of some good times in Sonoma Valley. You’re all worried it’s some snobby area & next thing you know you’re smokin’ Marlboros and playing cornhole while a bunch of old dogs lay around in the sun. Or maybe I’m thinking of Southern New Jersey? Either way, truly a blast.

Anyways, Chaps & I had the pleasure of interviewing HLN’s S.E. Cupp about the situation in Syria and why she’s steering away from politics and dealing with it on a more personal level. She also tells us why she had to clap back at actor John Cusack and I was jazzed for a chance to throw in an 80s movie reference that fell flat!

And last but not least I get HEATED at the Air Force Reserves for their punishment of 3 Airmen for an ill-advised, but in my opinion, innocuous re-enlistment ceremony. Like so heated I say the ‘F’ word not once, but twice. Big flippin’ mood.

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