Barstool Awards Recap + Our $3k Fortnite Contest Continued On Twitch

Watch TOP HAT DEV Barstool Gametime on $3k Fortnite Contest PS4 from Barstoolsports on

What a night from the Barstool Awards folks! I’m still wearing my top hat and have munchkins dripping from my chin but the show must go on. There’s still $3k in cash prizes on the board on Gamerz Arena and daddy needs a new pair of hats.

Jump on the stream and ask anything about tonight, yesterday, years ago and most definitely stuff that’s happening in other dimensions. If you’re a musical kinda human maybe you want to learn more about the trials and tribulations of pop punk sensation Pup Punk. We can do that too. Just please remember that Gametime is currently GREENLIT as well:

And I’m burning the midnight oil to keep it that way. Can I get more than 5 Solo kills? I fucking hope so too dude.

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#BarstoolBattle Contest Rules below

Contest is LIVE. In order to sign up to compete on GamerzArena, you must log in via your Twitch account. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one and will then be able to create an account on GamerzArena.

Steps to enter into a contest:

1. Select Arena at the top of the site.

2. Click on Select for Fortnite.

3. Click on Enter Now for the Barstool Gametime Contest.

4. You will be on the Prizes and Leaders Page and make sure to click on RULES to the right and REVIEW THE RULES!

5. Once you have reviewed the rules, click on the purple “Enter Now” in the upper right.

6. IMPORTANT: Make sure your Twitch stream is live (you do not have to appear on camera, gameplay only is acceptable).

7. MORE IMPORTANT: Click Start Contest Now and you will see the site connect to your stream. Once this happens, you will have 3 hours to play as many games as you want, but once you get a game with a kill count that you want to be counted, click on Finish Entry on the site! Select Disqualify this entry for games that are 0 kills or lower than your current score on the leaderboard.

8. You have UNLIMITED FREE REENTRIES and can only improve your score!

The contest is going to be Solo Play High Kills. This means we will take the number of kills that you get in a single game and this will be the score that will appear on the leaderboard. Again, you have unlimited free reentries so don’t hesitate to reenter and improve that score! There is live chat support on the site, and we have support in our Discord as well – HERE

Join thru Sunday for FREE at Gamerz Arena HERE