Justin Thomas Exercises Some Self-Awareness On The Barstool Instagram Account


JT tossing a little self-awareness in the mix. Making a cool joke at his own expense. Nice to see. When all of Barstool spends several days roasting a guy, you never know how that guy’s going to react. He could take it in stride and have some fun with it or he could block out our entire corner of the internet and tell us to go fuck ourselves. Looks like JT decided to roll with the punches and have some fun with it. I dig that.

It’s funny, tons of folks chirped me when this all went down. Tons of folks asked me how I felt about Barstool taking a stance that’d likely push away one of the best golfers in the world and make him unlikely to come on our show. That stunned me. If we stifled our opinions out of fear of upsetting players we wouldn’t be Barstool. We wouldn’t be upholding what the Barstool brand stands. Millions of people come here to get a nice laugh and to get our honest, unfiltered, uncensored opinions. And that’s what we’re going to provide. Doesn’t matter if it’s Ian Poulter or if it’s Justin Thomas — we see a shitty move, we’re going to call out a shitty move.

I think most people get that, JT included. I think booting a guy for yelling for your ball to get in a bunker is a shitty move, but I also think chirping yourself for it publicly on the outlet that hit you hardest over it is a good sign JT gets it.

tl;dr ……. Justin, care to come on the podcast and discuss?