So The Plot To Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is Pretty Much Identical To The Lost World: Jurassic Park?

So I’m as big of a dinosaur nerd as they come. I’ve got Jurassic Park action figures in my closet that are decades old. People grow up wanting to be professional athletes and movie stars as kids. Well, I wanted to be a dinosaur. A real ladies man as you can assume. Well, anyways I’ve seen every Jurassic Park film countless times. Every Thanksgiving I go out of my way to watch the original as a tradition. Obviously with the recent resurgence of the franchise I’m beyond stoked. Jurassic World was pretty solid I thought, and I’m super excited for the sequel this summe. The question before this trailer was released was what the hell was it going to be about?

Well, it appears it’s going to be the exact plot line to The Lost World Jurassic Park. I’m not saying that because it’s similar, no I mean it’s literally the same movie. The island has been abandoned where dinosaurs are running amok. There’s a corporation with bad intentions that has plans to take out the dinosaurs from the island and bring them to American soil where we can showcase them and use them (A VERY BAD IDEA). A group of good people from the movie before (Pratt and Dallas-Howard) are the dinosaurs’ and the civilians’ only hopes of being saved. The dinosaurs proceed to get loose in America and start terrorizing whatever city they’re brought to. Talk about mailing in a movie plot by literally just taking the second movie’s storyline and have it happen again. Now if this were a remake that would be fine, but it’s just another sequel.

Will I see the movie? Without question, in fact I’m going to see if I can go buy my ticket ahead of time right when I finish this blog, but Jesus Christ could you guys have maybe thought of a different storyline? We’re even bringing Dr. Ian Malcolm back who will probably be wondering the whole movie why he’s got a sense of crazy deja vu. Oh that’s because this entire movie has been made already.

The one aspect I’m hopeful for here is that it looks like they made a big effort in making the dinosaurs scarier and make this a little closer to a horror movie. That I’m certainly down for.