Shame On Whoever Spray Painted This Poor Turtle

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LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Florida wildlife officials are searching for the people responsible for spray-painting a gopher tortoise — a protected species — with red paint and putting concrete on its limbs.  The tortoise was found in the middle of County Road 455, south of Montverde, Fla., covered with red spray paint and with concrete on its limbs and the top of its shell, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said. Two people who spotted the tortoise took it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Gopher tortoises are state-listed as threatened and are a protected species. FWC said it is illegal and harmful to a gopher tortoise to apply man-made substances, such as paint or concrete, to any part of their body or shell.

Hey! Don’t. Just don’t. Stop it. Don’t spray paint turtles. What the fuck does that person think this is? I bet it was a pack of youths that did it. He/she/they thinks they can just wonder around with a can of paint and tag whatever they want. Well guess what? Turtles are off limits. It’s tough enough being a turtle. You’re slow as shit. The fact that we gotta clarify to people that they shouldn’t be spray painting turtles is some crazy shit. I’ll say it again. Don’t spray paint fucking turtles. Does the turtle look awesome? Of course he does. That’s the coolest looking red turtle since Raphael. You simply don’t see a a red turtle everyday. It’s like Billy Madison and his blue duck. A blue duck would be awesome. A red turtle is clearly awesome cause we have proof now. We all wanted to see a red turtle. You didn’t know you wanted to see a red turtle but you did. But still, don’t. That turtle is pissed. He can’t express how pissed he is and that’s precisely why people shouldn’t be spray painting turtles. Go spray paint a wall or a train car like a normal youth.