SPORTS: The Math Adds Up For 76ers

The Philly Inquirer had an interesting article about the analytics team behind a major part of the 76ers strategy. For $3 million per year analysts study the numbers behind the games & turn over valuable info to the coaching staff.

I failed basic Algebra in High School but thought I’d give it a try & came up with a formula that left me shocked.

The Sixers won
17 consecutive games before Monday’s Game
-2 loss. The last
+9 of those wins missing all-star center Joel Embiid. They also won their
+15th straight without Dario Saric and their
+16th straight without JJ Redick. Their
+17th straight win was the
+1st playoff victory since
-1983 when the Sixers won their last Champ title and
-15 letters in Trust The Process
-13 letters in Seventy Sixers
-4 letters in Heat
+7pm is tomorrow night’s game time
-1 season I worked concessions at the Wells Fargo Center, our home court
-0 times anyone ever hit on me there
____________ =
Oh. my. God.

::sets calculator down, slowly removes tin foil hat from head::
tin foil