Does This Count As Finishing The Marathon? No It Does Not.

Marathoners love talking about guts and desire and courage and love patting themselves on the back for completing an event that they willingly wanted to do in the first place. So I’m sure they are fingering each other over this person collapsing at the finish line. Talking about perseverance and the will to win blah blah, blah. Well newsflash this is an automatic DQ. If you get touched by any spectators before you finish or helped across the finish line you are automatically disqualified. So whoever this person is they better not brag about completing this race because they didn’t. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t talk about what a huge accomplishment it is to finish while simultaneously having people being carried people across the finish line like a charity case. Not on my watch you can’t. Good job good effort bro, but if you wanted your time to stand you should have crawled across the finish line like “Holla if You Hydrate” kid.