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An Adorable Little 10 Year Old Named Cassidy Was The Subject of Some Terrible Bullying in School So The Whole Yankees Team Made a Video Dedicated To Her, Sharing Her Story

As requested, everyone wanted me to repost… This is a video my daughter Cassidy posted orginally from her own Facebook page, her caption said ” please everyone help share my story about being bullied not only for me but for everyone” Her story reached 22k views before the Scranton School Dirstict contacted Facebook and her facebook got shut down because she’s not 13 and of age to have a facebooK. She was threatened by the principal to remove the video or he was going to report it and he was successful. But this does not stop here, I will be my daughters voice I will share her story and I hope others will share too, this Isn’t about the shares or views or if it goes viral its about spreading awareness although seeing that smile on Cassidy’s face each time the number of views and shares got larger that was everything. Shes upset she has to start all over but let’s do this for her….please share her story let’s put that smile back on her face!!!

I didn’t want to bring out the water works on a Wednesday afternoon, but after seeing Cassidy tell her story I mean how fucked up can the world get? How could you possibly bully an adorable 10 year old like Cassidy and tell her to kill herself? I can’t imagine being such a horrible person at such a young age to tell someone that repeatedly and think it was funny. What’s even more messed up is that Cassidy’s school contacted Facebook to have this video taken off the site because she was too young. How can you just try and hide this story and push it away like that? Well thankfully her mother had the brains to repost the video on her own Facebook and really get the story out there.

Now the New York Yankees are getting involved, helping further spread Cassidy’s story to the rest of the country. At least they’re doing some real good off the field since they can’t do a damn thing on it. Class act move by the team and it looks like they’re going to bring Cassidy to a game, have her meet the whole team, and make her feel like she belongs, because she certainly does. No one deserves to be bullied like that and I hope those four students feel like complete shit after all this. Cassidy is a winner in my book. I hope she finds another school and makes all the friends in the goddamn world.

P.S. Cassidy can you pitch or hit? We could use some help