Kanye Just Hit Everybody With The Greatest Wednesday Pump Up Speech Of All Time

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So Kanye West is back on Twitter. You probably know that. He’s a volume tweeter when he’s around. He tweets a lot. He tweets nonsense. He deletes tweets a few hours later. He’s all over the place when he’s on Twitter. But love or hate Kanye, Twitter is way better when he’s on it. He’s like Tiger Woods or the Knicks or the Cowboys or the Yankees of social media. You might not love them personally but things are certainly more interesting when they’re involved. That’s 100% true when it comes to Kanye and Twitter. I love Kanye West. Let me clarify. I love Kanye West the musician and artist. A discussion about him as a person is a discussion that could last for days. He’s a lunatic for sure but it’s undeniable that he puts out HEAT in the music department. Anybody who says differently is lying to us and themselves.

Anyway. This morning Kanye did what he does and went on a lonnnnnnnnnnnng tweet thread. So long that Kanye admitted it’s from a book he’s “writing”. Most of the time I don’t know what the fuck Kanye is talking about. That’s partially true with his latest rant as well but there’s some motivational shit in there as well. It’s pretty new age and hippy dippy but whatever. It’s still interesting stuff coming from an interesting person. I wanted to screenshot the tweets and put them in a blog for when he inevitably deletes them. If you take something from them, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

PS- I’m still gonna check my phone as soon as I wake up. That’s never changing. Sorry Kanye. My imagination is cool and all but I need to know what’s happening on Twitter.