Step Aside 'Florida Man', There's A New Cowboy In Town From The Land Of Philly's DelCo

‘Florida Man’ encompasses a wide range of men from the Sunshine State that could only be forged by their surroundings; it’s a place so humid, swampy and strange that it breeds bizarre people faster than mosquitoes. A breed highlighted by the @FloridaMan_ twitter account which keeps track of their resulting shenanigans:

But Florida Man, it’s time to step aside.  There’s a new spectacle in town from the Philly ‘burbs – The land of WaWa where Pretzel Factory nuggets, Tastycakes & Newport cigs roll through the streets like tumbleweed & the Yuengling flows like wooder. Meet the amazing DelCo Man, Mike Regan.

DelCo Man found his calling catching food in his mouth in the high school cafeteria & was encouraged by those around him to pursue his gift. His greatest feat to date? Catching marshmallows in his mouth thrown off the Ben Franklin Bridge. Even the cops called to the scene for someone throwing rocks were impressed and asked to see more.


Delco Man, keep the DelCo vibes rolling because I’m excited to share more about your kind, & my turf, with the Stoolies.