How Can You Not Love David Pastrnak After Hearing Why He Tapes His Stick The Way He Does?

David Pastrnak is lighting up the playoffs right now. 9 points in the first two playoff games which included a 6-point Game 2 performance against Toronto this past Saturday. The guy has been unbelievable so far and that is just adding on to the 35-goal, 80-point season he put together for the Bruins this year. The 21-year-old also got himself paid this summer, signing a 6-year, $40 million deal that will keep him in the black and gold until 2022-2023.

But when you watch #88 play every night, you may notice something about his stick and in particular his tape job that is a little weird. The guy barely uses any.

Very confusing. Why does someone who gets all the free tape in the world, use so little? And why is it such a weird tape job? Well, Pastrnak answered that question after game 3:

The guy couldn’t afford tape growing up because he had to buy his own so he never used it. Wow. What a feel good story. Guy is just casually scoring hattys in the playoffs of the best league in the entire world and just signed a fat contract this summer yet he still doesn’t want to use too much tape because of the good old days in the Czech. What a god damn beauty this kid is.

Pastrnak didn’t always have the big bucks, growing up in Havirov, a coal-mining city in Czech Republic. And in 2013, David and his brother were left to take care of his mother when his father passed. So money wasn’t something that was always flowing in and out of the Pastrnak household.

And let’s not forget about the time the guy signed a contract for 40 sheets and what was his first purchase? An $8 dinner. 8 freaking dollars. I’d be eating the nicest filet off the hood of my new Maserati, yet this god damn stallion is buying chicken teriyaki for 8 bucks. What a life. What a simple life.