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Pussification Of America - Norridge Senior Class Denied Diplomas Unless They Apologize Because They Threw Their Caps In The Air At Graduation And It Could Have Hurt Someone

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(Source) An entire class of graduating seniors in a Chicago suburb was denied diplomas after the students ignored warnings not to throw their graduation caps into the air during Tuesday’s commencement ceremony. “It was the perfect ending to the graduation, but unfortunately we didn’t get our diplomas,” graduating senior Andre Taraska said. The Ridgewood High School students in northwest suburban Norridge will not be given their diplomas unless they publicly apologize, officials said. School administrators, who say the students were warned repeatedly beforehand, called their actions disrespectful.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Lupo explained the reasoning behind the decision on his blog. “The gym is decorated; people dress up (some of them); we expect dignified behavior,” Lupo wrote. “Secondly, it is an indoor event. In past ceremonies, people have been hit by flying caps. We’d just as soon not have graduates leaving with cuts and black eyes.” Lupo also addressed the students who didn’t throw their caps, saying they should voice their concerns with the students who didn’t listen.

Parent Mary Sticha supports the students. “It was kind of silly that they would request them not to,” Sticha said. “It wasn’t a way to disrespect anyone, it was just a way to do something together and celebrate the end of the year.” Lupo also said on his blog that “perhaps it is the final lesson they will take away from high school: there are consequences for behaviors in life.”




YEAH! Learn that lesson you guys. Your behavior in life has consequences, like getting cut by a sharp cardboard edge or softly brushed upon by a felt cap. That’s some serious stuff right there and if you don’t learn it now when will you?


In all seriousness though, I actually think this Superintendent is trolling us. That’s really the only explanation. I just won’t accept that someone actually thinks throwing a cap at graduation, something that has been done literally thousands upon thousands of times, is dangerous and worthy of punishment. That just can’t be real life. So good one Dr. Robert Lupo, you got us! You zapped us. Now stop pretending that this is serious and give these kid’s their diploma, because right now you embody everything that is wrong with America.




Also, I don’t know if anyone agrees with me here but the demanding a public apology is by far the worst part of this story. If he had taken away prom or something because the kid’s didn’t listen it would still be absolute bullshit but nothing really new in terms of school administrators. But the fact that he wants these kids to basically come to him on their hands and knees so he can prove how tough and powerful he is one last time is utterly despicable.