Airline Abandons Passengers In Mexico, Tells Them To Find Their Own Way Home

USA TodayHundreds of stranded Sun Country Airlines passengers fumed after the carrier canceled their flights home from Mexico and then told them they’re on their own to find a new way back.

The unusual situation unfolded after a potent late-season blizzard forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport this weekend.

Among those weather-related cancellations were two Minneapolis-bound Sun Country flights that had been scheduled to depart the Mexican resort cities of Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlán. But the big problem for customers was that the flights were the last on the schedule for Sun County’s wintertime-only service from those destinations…

…“As disruptive as the current situation is for the affected passengers, the alternative — canceling other flights to other destinations — would have been more disruptive to even more passengers,” Kelsey Dodson-Smith, vice president of marketing for Sun Country, said in an e-mail to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, one of the first outlets to pick up the story…

…”We are their customers, we are their responsibility to get out of a foreign country … . Bottom line, even if the season is over, they have a responsibility to us, we paid them, we trusted them and they just abandoned us. That is ridiculous,” Berglund said to KARE 11 on Sunday.

I don’t like that people got stranded in Mexico and I hope that what I’m about to say doesn’t actually happen, but — honestly — all airlines should operate without a care in the world on customer service. Because it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s booking a flight because they love an airline’s customer service. We’re all booking flights based on price and that’s it. Always have, always will. Sun Country Airlines, whatever the hell that is, left a bunch of people in Mexico and told them to go fuck themselves. And you know what? If I’m searching for flights tomorrow and the cheapest option is Sun Country, I’m booking Sun Country. No hesitation, I’m booking Sun Country.

Southwest got one lady sucked out a window mid-flight and another reportedly killed but I’d book Southwest right now if they’re the cheapest. Price is the only thing that matters* and everybody knows it.

*The one exception is Malaysian Airlines. Never flying with those guys.