Man Nearly Dies After Being Stabbed On Course By Best Friend Over Golf Etiquette Dispute

Golf DigestAccording to the Herald Sun, an Australian man was sentenced on Monday to 20 months in jail after stabbing his friend on the golf course. Matthew McKay had been drinking with two friends while watching a boxing match in August of 2017. Following the fight’s conclusion, the trio headed to Broadford Golf Course outside of Melbourne. Mr. McKay’s friends claim McKay was intoxicated, “damaging the greens, scratching one with a flag and stomping golf balls into another.”

When they pointed out McKay’s breach of etiquette, he stormed off the course. He soon returned with a Smith and Wesson knife and attacked his buddies. Although he swung and missed at one of his friends, he struck another, Simon Mudd, in the thigh. He hit an artery, an injury so severe that Mudd was airlifted to a hospital, where he received a major blood transfusion and emergency surgery…

…Mudd was described as McKay’s “best mate,” the two friends as far back as age 5. McKay is eligible for parole in 10 months.

What a shitty guy to golf with. Purposely fucks up the greens then stabs you nearly to death when you confront him about it? Not good. One minute you’re looking for a fairway next minute you’re looking for a blood transfusion. Not good. Expecting a nice day with the boys, instead you’re lying there kinda fucked up from drinking all day but also really fucked up from your femoral artery being sliced in half by your best friend. Thoughts are racing: Will they give me a rain check? Who’s going to pay for this helicopter ride? Are they gonna give me that putt I didn’t get to clean up because I was leaking like Ed fucking Snowden all over the golf course?

Scarily, I’d also have gotten stabbed in this situation. Can’t simply let a guy get away with poor etiquette. Not on my watch. I can handle a lot out there, like rooting my ball into bunkers, but I won’t stand for poor etiquette and I won’t stand for slow play.

If that means we have to knife fight over it, then we knife fight.