A Documentary About The Legendary Fyre Festival Is Headed To Hulu And I Cannot Wait

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Hollywood Reporter - Hulu is adding another docuseries to its roster.

The streaming service has picked up a multi-part doc about the Fyre Festival — the ultra-luxury music festival gone wrong — that is being developed by Billboard (a sister company to The Hollywood Reporter), Mic and The Cinemart. The untitled docuseries, slated for 2019, will examine what really happened behind the scenes and the ongoing investigation into the failed music festival that was set to take place on a private Bahamian island, exposing what went wrong and who is to blame.

The series aims to uncover the truth through a series of in-depth interviews from inside sources that range from local Bahamians, stranded festival-goers, vendors and investors. In addition, the docuseries will include hours of exclusive never-before-seen footage, leaked documents, emails and recordings.

I can’t get enough of the Fyre Festival. Fyre Fest unfolding in front of our eyes last Summer was so funny, so incredibly amazing to watch happen, as more and more tweets and details kept coming out. The terrible conditions, the lack of food, water, housing, and generally everything, the fact rich kids spent $25,000 for a ticket basically for Instagram likes and got absolutely nothing out of it- the entire situation was so funny and so outrageous.

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And then when the planning emails leaked and we saw how they made the right choices

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And finally, I can’t wait to learn more about the guy who organized it all, Billy McFarland, who continued on with the festival even though he knew it was going to be an absolute shit show because he just wanted to be a legend, mannnnn.


That’s the face of a guy about to serve a decade in jail for fraud!

Not to mention Blink 182 cancelling the day before, Ja Rule taking full responsibility while simultaneously saying it’s not his fault (unbelievably awesome line), and all the “influencers” and party bruhs that were stuck, trapped on an island overflowing with shit. So yea, pretty pumped for this doc.