Stoolie Gets Caught Red-Banded Studying While Sexy

I’ve seen more and more fellas enjoying lacey little numbers as of late. I’m not sure how I feel about it. If I was going to wear women’s underwear, I’d probably go with a crotchless number. Let my dick dangle like a toddler’s leg on the swings at the Fair. Just skipping through the breeze without a care in the world. All the while, my ass would be covered so I wouldn’t be at a high-risk of having a fart mark on my jcrew 10-inch seam shorts.

I know. I know. There’d still be some risk of that happening because most crotchless panties are very sheer. That would be an issue but I have to think the breathability in the material would make the risk worth the reward.

Overall, I give pull your thong straps high in the sky and damn near your eyes in the library 3.9 Balls. It’s a good move but it’s not the best move. To answer the WYD question for the original poster, it’s called L I V I N.