How About That Vintage Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Two

Smitty has things covered from a Sixers perspective, but we need to talk about what the hell just happened with Dwyane Wade. His 28 points off the bench were something I don’t think any of us expected to see this series, and without it the Heat find themselves in a 2-0 hole. After getting their teeth kicked in during Game 1, the Heat now return home where they’re 26-15 with all the momentum of the series. That didn’t seem possible after getting 130 dropped on their head, but that’s what is so awesome about the NBA Playoffs. A MIA team that doesn’t have a go to scorer got an incredible performance from a guy in his 15th year not named Lebron. This was about as vintage Wade as it comes, between his classic pump fakes, midrange dominance and then late daggers.

It’s unfair to think he’ll have another performance like this, so for it to come on the road might make all the different in this series. You could see the Heat defense made their adjustments, allowed the PHI shooters to come back down to earth, and when it came time to save the day it was Wade with either a big bucket or OREB. It feels weird to root for the Heat on a personal level, but even I can tip my cap when we see something special.

You bet your ass Embiid is playing in Game 3, this series is far from over, but I’m not sure how you could complain about the first two games of this series if you have no rooting interest.


God dammit is everything coming up Wade or what