Hey Look, I Took Cool Drone Shots Of Bethpage Black This Weekend



Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 9.20.41 PM




Don’t know if you heard about the new guy Drone Riggs but he was out this weekend. People love him.

I’m not an expert with the drone yet but I’m getting much better. It’s tricky droning while playing, obviously don’t want to hold anyone up, so I didn’t get comprehensive coverage of the course. Just a few shots but they’re pretty sweet so I figured the golf folk would enjoy.

Bethpage is in the conversation for best golf deal in the country. It’s a WORLD CLASS course readily accessible from New York City for just $75 during peak hours for NY residents, $150 for non-residents. It’s incredible.

I’ve played 3 or 4 rounds in the northeast this season and the Black was in INFINITELY better shape than any other track. Greens were firm, smooth, and had some speed (especially considering the long winter we had). Rough was down but that’s to be expected, and did made the Black a bit more playable. Bunkers were perfect.

Drone was even more perfect. Keep your eyes peeled for a fun, in-depth course review video (including many contributions from Drone Riggs) I’ll be putting out later this spring.

PS — I wrote a detailed course review of the Black after playing for the first time last fall.