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The #SB2K16 Crew Officially Has Girlfriends

In the words of my good friend Jared Carrabis, you hate to see that. I actually do hate to see that. I mean I’m glad those four guys are happy with their girlfriends and blah blah blah blah blah but damn. The SB2K boys dressed in suits at a wedding during spring break instead of drunkenly ripping up Bakers Bay makes me a little sad. Rickie, Spieth JT and Smylie at Bakers Bay was must-see entertainment. Just a bunch of young, rich and famous golfers having a fucking BLAST.

I mean look at these savages

Those dudes flipped the world on its head two years ago (and then again in 2017) with their spring break shenanigans. They had the uptight golf world going crazy. It was one of the first times a bunch of high-profile golfers gave us a bunch of social media access that wasn’t corporate at all. It was just guys being dudes in the Bahamas and it was awesome. Ripping vodka and ripping drives while shirtless. And now they’re at a wedding making small talk with people they don’t wanna talk to. Again, you hate to see it.

It reminds me of my own life. It probably reminds you of yours. It happens to every crew of guys eventually. There comes a time when your spring breaks change DRAMATICALLY. And yes, it usually coincides with everyone in the group getting a girlfriend/married. All of a sudden you trade Mexico, swim trunks and beer bongs for wedding receptions, suits and glasses of wine. Their transformation from Being Single to Being In A Relationship actually hits a little too close to home. Alas.

RIP #SB2K boys. It was fun while it lasted.