Chaps' Log: I Bought Some French Doors


(my house not pictured)

This morning I woke up feeling right as rain. I rolled over, grabbed my smart device, and headed to the kitchen to pour myself a nice glass of coffee.

To my surprise, my wife had picked up some delicious artisanal poptarts from our local bakery. The flavor? Cherry with a funfetti crust. Delicious.

Because Saturdays Are For The Boys, I headed to Lowes. I’m doing a home renovation project in my office. You see, when I podcast from home, my current office is not enclosed. It limits the time of day that I can do interviews for both Zero Blog Thirty and Podfathers. Very frustrating. I’m closing that bad boy off with some french doors. The doors will go here. Simple. Beautiful, but most importantly, effective.


(my house pictured)

After calling ahead to make sure that Lowes had the french doors I wanted, I met Debra on aisle 19. That’s the door aisle. Debra showed me the french doors that I was asking for. I noticed that there was 4 doors in the same spot. The doors looked the same but had different labels. I asked Debra, “what gives?”

“Great question. The doors are exactly the same but switched manufacturers.”

Buddy,,, my head started to spin with delight.

“So, the older model should be cheaper. Let’s check, Debra.”

Wouldnt you know it, the cost of the newer style was 380. The older style was 139. For the same door! Can you believe it? What a day. What a savings.

Needless to say, my day is off to a great start. I hope yours is too. If not, might I recommend the remake of Iris performed by Boyz II Men which was originally a smash hit released by the Goo Goo Dolls on April 7th, 1997? The harmonies. The runs. The composition. Whew.