Why An Army Veteran And ZB30 Listener Celebrates Friday The 13th

This Friday the 13th brings to mind many things. #RNR3, superstitions, a killer piano score, Jason in his mask & a slew of awful sequels (cue Friday the 13th – Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan). For many it’s considered a cursed day of bad luck. And 11 years ago to date, that was true for Zero Blog Thirty follower & Army soldier Anson Roberts; but now it’s a day for him to celebrate. Friday the 13th is Anson’s ‘Alive Day’.

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For active duty military & veterans an Alive Day celebrates a day that dramatically changed your life. One where all the odds were stacked against you and the situation or injuries sustained could have easily killed you, but you survived. Our own @UncleChaps has his on July 31st each year. It can be a difficult anniversary reflecting on what happened, but it’s also a day to be grateful for how far you’ve come & what lies ahead despite the struggles.

Today I wanted to share Anson’s ‘Alive Day’. In his own words:

“It was April 13th, ’07 in Habbaniyah Iraq, and I was with an EOD Security Team.  One day we were tasked to clear a section of road when we were setup in a complex ambush. We took fire from a house where some of my guys dismounted and started to clear when they took fire.

I was the lead humvee driver with the 50. Cal on top. I drove down to get in better position to suppress the threat when I was hit by a massive IED that threw my truck and flipped it. It ejected my gunner into the court yard by the house my guys were in. They were able to get to him first. I was then trapped inside the burning humvee. Somehow I crawled over the two radios and Blue Force Tracker out the right rear that was sheered off.

My Doc patted me down and then we took more fire as we ran back up toward the rear of our trucks as they suppressed the threat. At the time we had no back up, no medical evacuation and had to drive 15/20 minutes to get an evacuation helo (helicopter). I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my hands, legs and arms pretty bad. My hands are the worst. Lost all my fingers and a lot of use in my hands. With that all happening it was definitely a long road to recovery.

Both of Anson's hands were severely burned.

Both of Anson’s hands were severely burned.

After being retired in ’09 I earned a degree in History from The Ohio State University and started a family where I’m the stay at home Mr. Mom. My real passion is Guns & Gear. There’s nothing that I don’t ever not do really. I still shoot really well, it may have taken me a long time to figure out how but I always find a way around things. I never let it get me down.

I’ve adapted and overcome. Semper-Fi.”

“Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.” – @nubgunner

Happiest of Alive Days to Anson. Truly a reason to celebrate Friday the 13th and a great reminder of the strength and selflessness of so many of our service members. When I asked him if I could share his story he said, “Of course. I hope it’ll help someone out there.”

If you’re struggling with injuries of your own, look to people like him & remember you can keep moving forward against the odds. Follow him on Instagram at @nubgunner.