Only in Florida: A Man Turned In Dash Cam Footage To Prove His Innocence in a Car Accident Only To Forget He Robbed a Beauty Store Earlier in the Day

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Daily Mail

A Florida man ended up in jail after his dashboard camera showed police more than he intended. Xavier Moran, 25, was involved in a crash on April 5, when he told a sheriff’s deputy he had been cut off by another vehicle and could prove it with his dashboard camera, according to The Palm Beach Post. He then signed a consent waiver to search the camera. But when the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy reviewed the footage, they saw Moran burglarizing a beauty store earlier in the day.

Authorities say the video showed Moran parking outside a Sally’s Beauty Supply store, taking a baseball bat from the trunk and using it to break the glass door of the store. Records also show he was arrested three days earlier, on April 7, for allegedly threatening to shoot his brother with an assault rifle and pistol.

I mean that’s tough. This is basically the poor man’s version of the Black Mirror episode ‘Crocodile’ where the police go back and review the footage from your brain to see where you were on a certain day. Just like in the show, there is a car accident but what is later uncovered is a much worse crime that the person committed earlier in the day. In the show it’s a murder which gets uncovered where here it’s a robbery.

Of course this guy is from Florida. Of course this guy is so stupid he goes to court to fight a car accident forgetting he ROBBED A BEAUTY STORE earlier in the day. You have to actually be the dumbest person on the planet to go into a robbery and forget to shut off your dash cam. That would probably be the first thing I do if I’m going to rob a fucking store. Why do you need a dash cam in the first place? What good could that really do for you?

The icing on the cake here is that records show three days prior to this incident he was arrested for threatening to shoot his brother with an assault rifle and pistol. Florida is pretty much another country.