Is It Problematic That Leo Komarov Will Not Return Brad Marchand's Smooches?

It was night 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and all people could talk about was Brad Marchand trying to get all hot n’ steamy with Leo Komarov. Hockey is a violent sport filled with plenty of physical altercations. There are huge hits, ferocious fights, and it’s just not exactly a sport that I would necessarily describe as intimate. Which is why I love these little moments here and there during games when we get to see the more passionate side of the sport. It’s not the 70’s anymore. It’s not all about just chuckin’ knucks out there. Sometimes these guys just need a little tender love and care.

The playoff atmosphere only ramps up the intensity of the passion out there. These guys are ready to go. This is what they’ve been waiting for all season long. So when Brad Marchand has a chance to lay one on Leo Komarov, he makes the most out of his opportunity and tongues him down for an aggressively long 4-5 seconds. My only issue with this incident here? Well it’s nothing to do with Marchand. It’s the fact that Leo Komarov will not return the favor to Brad Marchand. Uhhhhh hey, Leo. It’s 2018, bud. How about we try to be a little more inclusive here, no? Hockey is for everyone. And this isn’t even the first time that Komarov has turned down a kiss from Marchand.

This is from November. Marchand again tries to lay one on Komarov, and Leo doesn’t even have the decency to at least accept the kiss. You should be flattered, Leo. Quit playing so hard to get. Komarov either needs to get with the times and realize that there’s nothing wrong with two dudes smoochin’, or he needs to lower his standards and realize that he’s not out of Marchand’s league. Regardless, Leo Komarov is very much in the wrong here.